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Andy S.
via Google

This is the best place to learn Martial Arts for kids and adults. Me and my family have so much fun with the workouts, we are in much better shape now and I’ve noticed that my kids seem more confident and are doing better in school. I can’t recommend Noel Smith or his instructors enough. If you’re thinking about putting yourself or your kids in martial arts you definitely owe it to yourself to try this place out! I was very nervous when I first went in but they immediately put me at ease, everyone was so helpful and it has become the best part of the day going to take the classes.

Stephanie Hurt
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I'm so happy we found this school. This place has become a second home to my family. Noel and everyone of his kids classes' instructors are amazing. They work great with kids (even young ones like mine) helping them focus and learn. They really know how to positively motivate them to improve and give them confidence. My kids love going to their classes. And for me it's been a great place to workout, learn selfdefense, and be warmly accepted as a beginner. Happy to be a part of the Noel Smith BJJ family!

Jessica Swift
via Google

Noel Smith has an amazing spacious gym and some of the best trainers I've ever worked with! The trainers care about every athlete and go above and beyond to make classes challenging and fun. Noel, the owner, is great to work with and provides some of the best customer service I've ever had!

Lila Chen
via Google

Love this gym! Start training in BJJ just over a year ago and I am hooked! Excellent atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed regardless of age, gender, or experience level. There are numerous different classes available throughout the day and week, making it extremely accommodating to those with a busy life. I’d recommend this gym and I’ve even convinced a friend to join.

Crystal Benjamin
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Noel Smith Brazilian Jui Jitsu is the place to go! They offer a variety of Martial arts for adults down to teeny tots. They have world class instructors, that promote confidence, knowledge, encouragement, responsibility all within a family friendly environment. They have adults classes during kid classes so everyone can workout, get healthy and fit together.

If you are not a member of this gym, you are surely missing out. You will not find a better place to go! Come check them out! Join our gym family today!

Cameron Butcher
via Google

I've been training at Noel Smith BJJ for over 5 years now. Highly recommend it to anyone in the area. Some of my closest friends are people who I've met here. I can't imagine training anywhere else.

George Freedom
via Google

I started going to this gym about a month ago. As someone in their late 20's who's never stepped foot into the world of martial arts I was pretty apprehensive.

The amount of support, encouragement, and patient instruction combined with friendly but competitive sparring has me hooked.

Noel and his coaches welcomed me with open arms and changed my life.

I am glad I took the first step and walked in.

Two years later, it was still worth it, and I stand by what I said two years ago.

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